Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Swimming offer

I got this in my inbox and thought I'd share. It's for DeMont Family Swim School off Ina and Shannon. Price is 65 dollars a month for once a week swimming lessons. With this deal you get 6 months for the price of 5. I've found there's usually 1 to 2 kids per class.

I know it's pricey for swimming lessons! But, at least for us, I feel that it has been worth it. These swim teachers are good! Our son started two months ago--afraid of putting his face in the water and having virtually no swimming skills and he can now glide completely underwater from his teacher to the side of the swimming pool (about 3 feet away) and do the back float almost by himself (still working on that one). I'm kind of in shock that he doesn't mind submerging himself in water all the way already! He used to be pretty nervous about even having his face in the water for a second!

If you're interested in these types of swimming lessons, I think this is a good a good deal.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Free Baby sling (must pay shipping)

 Go to and put in the promo code "Thanksgiving" to get a sling for FREE. All you pay is $11.95 in shipping!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fun holiday idea...What's something fun you have done?

The other day I took the two younger boys to Starbucks for hot chocolate. If you get the "kids hot chocolate" it's $1.00 or $1.25. They make it at "kid's temperature" and we usually have them add something fun, like pumpkin spice or caramel. After our hot chocolate's we headed home to bake some holiday cookies. Nothing amazing, but they felt special... and thought having their own hot chocolate was pretty fun.

What is something fun (simple or not) that you are doing to celebrate the holidays?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the new look...

I have been wanting to fresh'n up our look and I hope it looks ok. Check it out.

I will also be conducting polls on the sidebar... please vote!

PS any ideas would be much appreciated!!

Teaching our children about strangers

In response to Elizabeth's question I found this and  maybe if you have ideas you can share them here as well! (click on the link below for the whole family lesson)

Stranger Danger....ect

This is a random post...sorry! But I was wondering if anyone has good tips or sites to teach our little boys about Strangers and what's appropriate behavior and things like that. Thanks for your help.

Friday, November 12, 2010

2 free lego land tickets!

two legoland tickets available. must be used before the end of this year. comment if you want them.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Toy Story 3 blue ray/dvd combo pack deal!!

If you are buying Toy Story 3 (combo pack)and want to get an $8 off coupon... Here is the link. It must be used by tomorrow. 11/8/2010. I think I paid $16 after the coupon.

Also, if you are interested you can use two additional coupons for mail in rebates totaling $10. I am terrible at mail-in's and I don't usually buy batteries and soup this way... but maybe you do and could benefit on more savings...

(these coupons can all be used together)

(thanks Shanna for the tip!!)