Friday, December 12, 2008

Autumn's Homemade Cookies

Hello All!
I am just wanting to begin a word of mouth of my sugar cookie business.
I had been doing it in Mesa, but it has been on hold since last Spring because of the new baby and the move down here. But I am finally wanting and excited to start it up down here.
You can check out my blog for pricing and either call or email me if ever interested or know of anyone that may be. Thanks everyone!

Autumn Prince


Anonymous said...

Autumn's cookies are absolutly amazing! My husband loves sugar cookies but he refuses to have any other since he has had one of Autumns!

Anonymous said...

Autumn's cookies are not only yummy (you can't stop at one - or at least I can't), they are decorated beautifully. I thought they were from a bakery. She does an amazing job!!!! Julie Hodge

Anonymous said...

Autumn's Cookies are the greatest. I am not exagerating. I first had them when I was pregnant, and I thought maybe it was the hormones, but now I bring them to every party and all my friends agree. She is so talented, any shape or designyou want, she will do! I am so lucky to live next door to this wonderful woman (and her family!)