Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Case of Emergency...

I learned how to do two things tonight that I think are pretty important.  I could have figure them out, but I decided to call my Dad to make sure I was doing things right.

I don't know if everyone else's power went out this evening, but mine did.  I was planning on cooking a pizza in the oven.  I have a gas stove, so I knew I could get it to work without electricity...but I had never tried before.  I would suggest figuring it out before you HAVE TO DO IT.  I am not sure how things would have gone had the power not come on moments before I was going to try it myself.  I wasn't sure exactly where the gas would come from the oven.  I thought I knew, but instead of a metal circle under the stove my stove has one arm going down the center of my stove, my match wouldn't have reached where it should have.  (I also thought about barbequing something, but I didn't want to if the weather wasn't going to cooperate).

Secondly, I knew there was some way to open my garage door without any power...I just had never tried to do it.  Try it! It is easy and will easy your mind if you have to get your family out fast and you have no power.  I tried it because my thought was to take the kids out for dinner if I couldn't get the oven lit...and without power you have to release a lever and then manually open the door.

Does anyone else have an idea of something I should try before I have to?!

BTW this reminds me of when our pipes froze a year or two ago (it really happens in AZ too!)...we only had ONE water bottle in the house.  Retarded, I know.  I think those water barrels are a GREAT idea, even just if you want to flush the toilet! ( I need to call Renee!)

Just was excited to figure some things out with the hubby not around (even though I did call my Dad), and thought I would share!

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