Thursday, July 23, 2009


Utah Peaches and Pears are coming in September. They are $29.00 per box.
I believe, each box is around 35 lbs.
These are great for canning and just plain eating. They are delicious!!!!!

All money has to be in to Heather Parris by August 20, or your order will not be placed.

You may contact Heather Parris at 744-6573 to place your order.
All payments needs to be sent to:
Heather Parris,
6880 W. Tombstone Way, Tucson, AZ 85743.

Any questions, please call Heather.

I just have to add that I have ordered these through Heather twice before and I have canned enough peaches and pears to last me all year to the next order and it is SO WORTH IT! They are delicious!! (to eat fresh they are also AMAZING!) -Kati

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Cherise said...

thanks kati! I was just about to post this!
For anyone interested... this fruit is delivered straight from Utah to Phx, and then a special shipment for us... They are yummy for eating or canning!