Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Deseret Industries

There was an announcement made Sunday that the donations to Deseret Industries have been extremely low to nonexistent. I know that not living/working near one can be a problem at times when we have a donation to drop off. So I am offering to take to DI any donations of clothing or small household stuff, that is dropped off at my home in Gladden Farms during March. Call me for directions if needed. Renee 682-3994


Cherise said...

Renee, you are so awesome! I have two bags that I was going to take to an exchange place...but I would to contribute. I will probably drop them by tomorrow afternoon. If you aren't home I will leave it by your door.

Joseph and Tiffany said...

Yes! I have a huge pile of stuff that I always think "I'll take to DI, but never do because I can't get down there and end up donating to Goodwill. But, this huge pile will come to you (it's not that huge, about a garbage bag full of clothes the kids have outgrown.)