Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Peaches and Pears!

Just received a call from Heather Parris (she is in our neighboring ward at church). She is ordering peaches and pears again. Anyone is welcome to order!

(Utah)Peaches 35-38# = $30 per box

Pears 38# = $30 per box

You need to order and pay by September 6th. Contact Heather at 744-6573 or email her at hsparris@yahoo.com


wears thai pants said...

So they ship fresh peaches to us and we can bottle them? How/who do we pay?

Cherise said...

The entire order is shipped to Heather (in Continental Ranch). They come in a case/box.
The Fruit is either ripe when you receive it, or will be a few days after you receive it. The peaches are Really yummy! We usually eat and share a box and can the rest. If you haven't canned before, there are some great websites with instructions.
Contact Heather for ordering or questions.