Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby sitters?

Hi moms! I am new to town and am getting to the point with my daughter, who is almost one, where I need a baby sitter!!! I am a single mom, so dad isn't on hand and the grandparents don't do evenings well....

Does anyone have someone they could share?
How much do you pay your baby sitter?

Thank you,


Brian and Janette said...

Sara...I don't know where you live or what hours you would be in need of some coverage, but I know several responsible late-teen aged girls that are great. And, for what it's worth, I pay $5/hr for my one son. Maybe a little more than others would pay for one kid, but it probably won't change much when baby #2 makes his debut and it's worth it to keep getting good sitters to come back IMO.

Cherise said...

We like Heitje Carranza and The Anway kids. The Anways babysit together which is awesome. They are really responsible and are willing to talk to me! Which a lot of babysitters don't.

I am with Janette... we pay $5-7. We have three boys.
(the babysitter almost always has them for only 1-2 hours before they go to bed)

Cherise said...

Sara, email me if you would like phone#'s. I don't want to publish them here without their consent. I can also refer you to Janette where you can get her info as well.

Sara said...

Ladies thank you! I am only looking for a few nights here and there, would like to have someone in case of emergencies, maybe an evening out. :) I will e-mail you Cherise, and info from you Janette would be great too! New to blogging, but I will try to e-mail you too :)

mesa2003 said...

I pay 5 dollars an hour for two children. I really like my neighbor--a very responsible 16-year-old. We also use another girl here in the area who attends my church, Heather--very responsible girl. If you want their info email me ( Like Cherise, I didn't want to divulge too much about them here without their consent.