Friday, June 20, 2008

e.l.f. Make-up from Nordstrom

I just went to the Nordstrom website, because thought I would look at the elf makeup that they have and I found the following on their website about a warning with elf makeup and an email that people are receiving.

Customer Alert -

We have learned that some of our customers received e-mails from an unauthorized and unknown source regarding the website We want you to know that Nordstrom and are not affiliated with or the e.l.f. product line, nor with any e-mail regarding that website or product line. Nordstrom does not sell e.l.f. products.

In general, you should always use caution and verify the authenticity of any website before providing information over the Internet. Also be aware of e-mails from unknown sources as they may contain a link to a fraudulent website specifically set up to capture and fraudulently use personal or account information. These websites are sometimes called "mirror" sites and may give the appearance of the true website.

Please know that Nordstrom would not ask for your account information through e-mail communication. If you receive an e-mail asking for any personal or account information appearing to be from Nordstrom, or is claiming affiliation with Nordstrom, please forward the information to or call us at 1-888-282-6060.

If you think you may have disclosed your account information in error or have been a victim of fraudulent account activity, please contact your bank and/or credit card company immediately.


Cherise said...
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Cherise said...

Good call Katie. I am going to remove the post so no one gets poor info! Thanks!

Lynette said...

According to what I've read, e.l.f is an independent company that sells most of their products for an everyday price of $1. I haven't looked in Target, but some Target stores do carry this line of cosmetics.