Sunday, February 22, 2009

Food Storage classes.

My Mom just had an enrichment class on food storage and said they talked about a lady named Wendy Dewitt. Her blog is
She is from the Phoenix/Mesa area, and for a while she was traveling all over to teach classes at no cost. She has a system that is very easy, to get started and follow. I am starting it and it just seems logical. And she has some very good ideas/knowledge. She has videos on youtube as well. I haven't sat through all of them, but I believe there is 7-9 of them. Anyway, I just emailed her with a question and she said that there is a 3 class series on BYU Living Essentials (Is this the same as BYU TV?). And the first class is tomorrow(Monday) night at 7pm. The 2nd class is March 30th and the 3rd hasn't been scheduled yet.
But she has some very good informationa and thought you may emjoy tuning in.

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