Wednesday, February 4, 2009

News Coverage

Kati Carbonneau and the ordinance passed in Marana were the top story on the 6 p.m. KVOA evening news cast. Click here to watch the news segment.

Stephanie Ashcraft will be on KGUN9's 10 p.m. and KOLD13's 10 p.m. evening news cast.

We would personally like to thank these news stations for helping us vocalize our concerns with the wording of this ordinance. We would also like to publicly thank Mayor Ed Honea. He called to today to apologize for the mix-up with Kati's speaker card. He also would like to meet with Kati and I along with other parents to talk about ammending the wording to this ordinance. Yeah! If you would like to be part of this meeting next week, please call Stephanie at 407-6364.


Nicole said...

I think part of this ordinance may be to keep mom's from getting out of the running car and someone else being able to jump in and drive off with the kids still in the car. Not just to keep moms from leaving kids in the car by themselves -

Carbonneau said...

The intent of the law is good, but the wording is not good enough. We can't put out bad laws hoping it will prevent one thing that isn't spelled out. It needs to be clear and that is what we are hoping to do, make it clear what the law is made for, not just let someone interpret or guess why. Who knows how it will be read in years to come, we need to set the example now.

Nicole said...

From what I understand it is just if the car is running or the keys are in the car. I personally dont think that kids should be left in the car at all if the car is running- just turn the caro off and take the keys with you. If a person needs to go inside somewhere long enough that the ac needs to be left on then I feel that the kids should be taken with that person. If it is a matter of taking kids into the house, the garage door can be shut so there isnt an issue of someone being able to see you or someone being able to take the car. I agree that it is not easy to take kids everywhere and I dont mean to offend anyone but I think that it is a good ordinance. I dont think that the cops are going to be malicious and try to hand out tickets if there really isnt any danger. I'm not sure how you would re word it - would you want to be so specific as time and distance and the temperature outside? again I am not trying to offend, I just think that it is a matter of different opinions.

Elizabeth said...

Not everyone has space in their garage to park their car. Many people I know use it more like a storage room.

Also, may I ask what you opinion about this link is?

I couldn't find the original article about the arrest, but that's what I'm interested in. Should she have been arrested? How would you suggest she have done things differently?

Nicole said...

This was actually the incident that I thought of. If the car was running then in my opinion yes that is putting the kids in the car at risk. That is my concern with this whole thing is that I just think there is no reason for a child to be left in a running vehicle - ever. I am interested at looking into the California law that Kati found to see how they worded their similar law. I just think that if there is some reason why a child has to be left in the car - and I disagree with the reason that they were sleeping- then at least turn the car off, lock the doors and take the keys with you. I didnt mean for this to turn into a discusison board - I was just confused at why people were upset about this ordinance. But maybe that is the whole problem - it is not clear enough.

Stephanie said...

If you'd like to call me, I'd love to talk to you about why I think it needs to be worded similar to Kaitlyn's law. 407-6364