Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marana Town Council

Hey Ladies,
I am sure some of you are tired of hearing about it, but I have to put in one more time about the ordinance that they are passing for the Town of Marana. Tonight the Council will vote to amend what they originally wanted to pass about leaving kids unattended in the car. It starts at 7pm at the Municipal Complex. If you want to speak you have to be there BEFORE 7 and sign up for a speaker card at the front desk. I have not decided if I am going to say anything or not yet, but I will be there before 7 and if anyone wants a ride please let me know! If you want to know what the agenda is or what they are talking about you can find it on the town website, or I can send you a copy if you want.

ALSO, by attended several of these meetings, (not just for this ordinance issue) and I have gotten to know some of the Council members a little better. Sometimes they talk a lot, sometimes they don't talk at all so it can be hard to know what they think. BUT the Explorer put out a good article about the candidates running for Election or Re-Election NEXT TUESDAY MARCH 10th.
Don't forget to GO VOTE! They make VERY important decisions on our behalf.

Candidate article

I think it gives a good over view of their experience and I know who I am voting for for sure...I will keep that opinion to myself, UNLESS you want to call me and talk about it. ;) They are all very willing to talk to anyone and answer your questions, of course. Also, at the end, the article explains how the election is held and depending on how many votes they get, they may have to get more votes come May.

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