Saturday, July 17, 2010

Got Weeds? I found you a great deal!

I spoke to out friend John Officer and he is spraying the Gladden Farms/Cont'l Ranch Marana area this next couple weeks before monsoons hit.

The benefit of this is his pre-emergant (sp?) soaks in with the rain and kills the seeds that will be sprouting up after the rain.

Good news? 
I talked him into giving you all a $10 discount if you mention this blog.
(He's already REALLY reasonable -so this was too good of a deal to not pass along!!)

Just a side note: We have had him doing this for awhile, and moved. Our house after we moved hasn't had weeds in an entire year. The pre-emergent is guaranteed for at least 6 months. It's awesome!

Call him for more info:  (and don't forget to mention this blog for the discount)
John Officer

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