Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hi Everyone- we are trying to get the Arizona Republic delivered out here so we can use the coupons foe Coupon Sense and Pinching you Pennies and whatever else people need them for - but we are getting conflicting info on whether or not they are delivered here. As of now we are being told that there is a route here but not enough people have requested the Republic to make it profitable to deliver out here - so I am trying to get a count of how many people would order the paper if it was out here and how many papers you would get- for example I would get the paper Tuesday through Sun but get 4-5 papers on Sunday. I pay about $30 a month which includes membership to coupon sense and the paper subscription. The paper subscription itself is $16 a month but that is with 4 Sunday papers. So if you are interested please let me know. Also if you are interested in coupon sense or pinching your pennies let me know as well.


Cherise said...

I'll get it! Do I need to call them? Who do I call?

Nicole said...

Right now we are trying to see how many want it. As soon as I hear from the district manager I will see about having people call in. Unless you just want to call in now anyway so they know that people want it. You can call Travis Shulte @602-444-8356 or email him @ travis.schulte@pni.com. Thanks!