Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Does anyone have any recommendations for an awesome hairdresser?? I have been living here for over two years and have not found a good hairdresser. And I don't visit Vegas often enough to go to my amazing hairdresser there :) I hope this is ok to post on here, because I need a haircut so bad!


Cherise said...

This is a great place to ask a question such as this... Others definately benefit from it. I go to Toni and Guy at the Foothills mall. You can make an appt with any of them, they are awesome. Their newer hair dressers are cheaper. (44$)-wash, cut, style. They will also let you come back in 3wks or so... and they will freshen it up for you i.e. trim, take some bulk out(for free) This lets you strech it out a bit longer. If this is more than you want to pay, there is a girl in Algodon (don't remember her name -help!) she does it for 20$ I think. Some people like her and some think she is ok... Hope this helps a little.

Joseph and Tiffany said...

Jim and Judy Boren's daughter Jenna cuts hair and has done a very good job for me before. The Borens are in our ward, Jenna visits them a couple times a month and she cuts hair at their place. If you're interested I can give you her phone number.

Ben and Katie Singley said...

Thanks for the help! I think I am going to try out Toni and Guy and see how I like it.