Monday, September 8, 2008

Amazing Jakes

Sorry if you already know about this "Amazing" place, but for those that don't here ya go. For Labor Day we were in Mesa/Gilbert area and went with the fam to "Amazing Jakes" Chuckie Cheese's x's 3-- This place was HUGE! They had all you can eat pizza, salad, potato bar, desserts, ice cream etc... a cosmic bowling alley, go carts, bumper carts, mini rollercoaster, the "tea cups", every arcade game get the picture... I left out a lot.

They even have different themed rooms you can eat in. Kayden's choice was the movie mania room that was showing 3 different movies on a huge projector. Anyhow... reasonably priced for all you get and a special outing for the whole family. That is..., if you happen to be in the Mesa/Gilbert area.

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Dave and Autumn said...

Love it! We've been a few times. The kids get well fed for the money as well as the parents, and they could spend hours there.
Especially when the kids don't know the difference of actaully playing the arcade games, rather than thinking they are playing when just the preview of the game is playing.