Monday, September 8, 2008

Good family dentist?

Does anyone have any good recommendations for a good family dentist? I really need one! Thanks


Stephanie said...

We love Dr. Fair at the Marana Dental Clinic right by the church. He and his staff are awesome! They are also honest. Our insurance company gave them more money than they charged us for some work and they credited our account instead of pocketing the extra. We are clients until he retires!!

Joseph and Tiffany said...

Yes! We see Tim Wilson. He's a bishop in West Stake and Joey grew up knowing him and his family. He's awesome. His office is on Orange Grove. Office number is 797-8030.

Dave and Autumn said...

I just went to Goodmans. They just opened up on Tangerine and Thornydale.(In the Fry's shopping Center.) I was looking for a good one and decided to go there. They are LDS family, Father and Son. And they also have another office more into Tucson. I was very happy with them, and they said they work with the kids also.