Monday, September 15, 2008

Aprons Cont'd

If you are interested in sewing this apron with us, please purchase this pattern at:

or any other site if you wish. It is the emmaline apron.

How about we get together in October to sew it? What works for you? Should we do a Friday evening or something and make it a girls night? What do you think? I also need to know if you are seriously interested. Email me or post if you are... and purchase your pattern and Fabric.
I think I might purchase my fabric online (they have some cool vintage fabrics that you can't get at Hancocks). Or maybe I will wait until I can get to Phoenix.
No need to worry if you aren't an expert sewer. We'll figure it out together!


amber_kunz24 said...


I purchased my pattern and I am interested. A Friday night sounds good, but what about soccer? I can do it whenever.

Ben and Katie Singley said...

Is it ok if I bring a friend? She is great at sewing and wants to make an apron.

Cherise said...

of coarse you can bring a friend! Amber's right, we have soccer on Fridays... Maybe a Saturday or weekday?

Nicole said...

I am serious and will purchase my pattern this week - am not good at sewing!

CONAN said...

I'm in! The pattern is way cute! I will be purchasing it asap. Let me know when and where!!

Chrissy Beach said...

I bet that got a great laugh!! I forgot this was signed in under Conan's acct.!! I don't think he will be coming to the sewing group though, darn I bet he has some talent since his mom was a seamstress! Ooops!