Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dan Post Running For Re-Election!

Dan Post is running for re-election this election. He is a man of integrity and has done a fabulous job leading and guiding our school district. Please support him this election. I'm enclosing his Election Statement.

"Marana Unified School District is recognized as one of the best in the State. Families choose a home in Marana because they want to be in this school district. Businesses consider the reasonable primary and secondary school tax rate and the quality schools when deciding to come to Marana. This condition has not been achieved by accident, caring and competent teachers, hard working support staff and capable administrators working together with the support of my consistent leadership over the last 28 years has enabled MUSD to become an award winning school district. During my tenure we have built or remodeled all 17 schools, hired more than 95% of the nearly 2000 employees and grown from 2,000 students to 13,000. Even though we are a first class school district, we want to be World Class and we are not there yet. With the help of my leadership and the participation of over 4000 community and school inputs, we have developed a strategic plan and a road map to World Class status. Our goals and priorities are well defined and focus on providing an education that will allow each child to achieve their potential. These are difficult times for public education in Arizona. School funding by the State has been sharply reduced, construction of new facilities has all but been eliminated and unfunded mandates by the State Legislator are causing a heavy burden on local districts. The number of special needs students is at an all time high and requires our best efforts to provide teachers, aids, counselors and specialized transportation. Yet at the same time we must find a way to challenge students who have need for accelerated learning services. I believe that every child is unique, that every child is special and that every child can learn and we must strive to treat them accordingly, even as our student population continues to grow. I strongly believe that we must expand our vocational curriculum and develop more partnerships with businesses and institutions to place students in intern situations for hands on training. We must expand all day kindergarten and keep elementary class sizes as low as funding allows. If we did not live in a desirable climate and that most teachers choose the profession because of their desire to serve and a love for children, we would not be able to find enough competent teachers, because of the pay; this must be addressed by electing representatives who have education as a priority. We have a Superintendent that is new to our District and a governing board that has relatively little experience. I believe that my experience and leadership is needed now more than ever. If elected, I pledge to continue to work hard as leader to overcome our weaknesses and build on our strengths, that working together we will become a World Class school district."

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