Friday, October 24, 2008

Photographer and Dentist

I am looking for a good photographer-I love targets pics, but I am looking for someone to come to my house or a different location. Also looking for a good family dentist. Any suggestions?


Carbonneau said...

Tara, as far as photographer, Cherise Glauser and I (Kati Carbonneau) have both had some experience taking family photos, I am sure if you wanted, either of us could show you some of what we have done. It just depends on what you are looking for, if you want backdrops and lighting and props, maybe not...but that's about what I know of. :)
Cherise, hope you don't mind I threw your name out here. :)

Cherise said...

diddo to what kati said... as far as dentists go, Goodman dental is great and they just opened a new office in dove mtn...on Tangerine.
-Autumn Prince just went there as well and loves them.

Joseph and Tiffany said...

Kati has done pictures for us and is a great photographer! Also, I'm going to try this photographer here

My sis-in-law keeps sending us pictures of her kids that this photographer took. Her pictures look awesome and she will drive out to your house too! The costs are posted on her site. My sister-in-law used her and said she charged 25 dollars per child for the photo shoot. Look how good they turned out!

Stephanie said...

Kati has done our family pictures and has done a fabulous job! Her rates are great and she gives you all the pictures on cd with the right to use them as you please.

We also love Marana Dental right by the church. Dr. Fair is really good and my teeth feel clean when I leave their office. They are also extremely honest. They credited our account after our insurance paid more than we thought they would. Very honest!

Greg Horsley said...

Thanks everyone, this all really helps.