Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I haven't seen it, but I have heard so many things about it I really want to go see it. I never usually suggest a movie without previewing it, but the preview I saw online told me I REALLY want to see it.

FIREPROOF is out right now and I looked on their website and it named the Foothills as one of the places playing it. It is about marriage and it I think it would be inspiring to everyone to work harder on their marriage, even if it is going great. :)

If anyone has seen it, please comment on what you thought, and if you go see it, please tell us what you think! I will comment when I see it too!!

Everyone needs a date night out, maybe we can swap kiddos??? I am all about it!
(free babysitting and a date night! woohoo!)
TO see a preview go to


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Dave and Autumn said...

I have not seen them, however, I heard about the movie a couple months ago as well as another movie called Forever Strong.

They both seem like clean movies and I am all about supporting clean movies!

If you haven't had an offer yet let me know, Dave and I could use a date night before this baby comes! :)