Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bountiful Baskets

Would you pay $15 for a large basket of fresh, locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables?

I would.

This is what I got.

I love this Fresh produce co-op, and they just started delivering to Tucson.

Here is how it works.

Every second Saturday they deliver the produce to Jacob's Park at Prince and Fairview. They divide up the orders and you have a pick up time. (I am assuming it will be normally in the AM as ours was 7am) They also have a few other options according to supply I assume. For example, this week I got an Italian basket -in addition to my coventional15$ basket- and it had a large bag of Basil, fresh oregano, Italian squash, 2 different kinds of mushrooms, and garlic. (for an extra $7.50) I also ordered their bread. It was Honey Whole wheat sandwhich bread -5loaves for $10. (I wanted to try it out-not bad for $2 a loaf!)

They mentioned that their drop off's are according to demand and zip code. So the more orders they have from our area will aid in us getting this benefit closer!

The Conventional $15 basket is a mixture of fresh produce that they are able to get. Which means... you don't exactly know what you will get. -but you know it will be good and definately worth the money!

If you are interested or have questions let me know. A few people have mentioned that it would be nice to get together and take turns picking up the produce. anyhow let me know!

Here is the website.

If you are interested you must place your order the Wed. before the drop off. (so, not this wed. but next)

PS thanks Nikki for the picture I stole from you blog haha. I gave Graham the assignment to take pictures of mine for me and he did but the picture was terrible.

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The 4 Nelsons said...

Thanks for the tip. That stuff looks amazing.