Friday, April 17, 2009

Marana Residents- Please Vote for Jon Post for Town Council

Marana is sending out their early ballots, and I urge you to cast your vote for Jon Post in the upcoming election. I've known the Post family for 3+ years. Jon truly loves Marana and is citizens. He is pro-family and pro-Marana.

Today Mayor Ed Honea called me today and urged me to get the word out about Jon and the need for him to remain on the city council. Some exciting things are coming to Marana, and Jon has had a big hand in making things happen. They just received permission to start the interchange at Continental Ranch. Jon fought hard for that one. I'm relieved that I'll be able to just get off the freeway to go to Safeway verses drive around the mountain to get there!

The mayor knows that Jon Post will do what is best for the town of Marana and so do I!

The mayor is also supporting Carol McGorray for re-election as well.

Jon Post

Post is owner of Post Farms. Post Farms is a company that employs 20, farms 4,000 acres and operates a retail outlet.
He serves on the board of directors for Trico Electric Co-op, the Cortaro Water Users Association and Cortaro Marana Irrigation District. He also served as chairman of the Town’s Planning and Zoning Commission and was president of the Marana Junior Rodeo Association.

Post mug.JPG

Jon Post
Council Member


Anonymous said...

A family man??? I know is wife personally and not sure she would agree...keeping her from her kids and turning them against her...doesn't sound very family oriented.

Alyson Post said...

seeing that i am his daughter.....maybe you should ask me or his other kids about the facts. before you post things that definitly are not true maybe you should know what you are talking about.

Stacy Post said...

I just want to comment that Jon Post works very hard for the community. His heart and soul go into everything he does for the town. He is available to the people of Marana and listens and works hard for them. He believes in the towns future and will work to make positive things happen.
Stacy Post

Cherise said...

I think what truly matters is his willingness to serve our community. I personally know he will and I believe he is exactly what the town of Marana needs!
Cherise Glauser