Sunday, April 5, 2009

Monkey Business

Here is an email I received from a friend about a new place that opened close to us! Maybe we should get a group together and try it out with the kiddos? Are you interested???

Cherise, didn't know if you knew this place finally opened, it is near the intersection of Silverbell and Coachline, so super close to us. This is what I just sent out to some people I know here, didn't know if you want to mention it on your blog.

We went to Monkey Business today and it was fun! I wouldn't have known except my mom gave me an article that was in the paper but they actually have a real cook there. And they are specializing more in the food, which is the opposite of Peter Piper or Chuck E Cheese. The menu had a lot of choices and they are adding more soon. We had chicken Parmesan and it was not bad. The pizza and burgers looked really good so we will try that another time. I just feel like spreading the word because after reading that article they owners went through SO much to get that place open. So check it out!


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Suzanne said...

Hi! I went there the other night with hubby and toddler and had a great time! I am really glad there is someplace fun like this to take our kiddies for family fun. FYI, I was told that they will start a mommy morning time where we can sit and drink coffee and let the kids play together. This sounds wonderful to me!