Friday, June 19, 2009


I was just wondering if anyone knew someone or somewhere where I could take Kayla to get her hair permed? She wants a light wave in her hair and I figure why not maybe it will help her start doing her hair on her own. I just don't know if the salon will do one on someone her age.If anyone knows I would really appreciate it.


America said...

My sister does hair in her home and she is really good. She is very reasonably priced. Her name is Sequoyah 407-8226. She is in west stake.

brandonsbunch said...

Thanks America :)

txpurplerose said...

depends on how young she is. some wont do perms on young girls hair. If you have it done by someone that you don't know then they will have to be licensed by that state to do hair. Make sure you see their license, just don't go by hear say.