Thursday, June 4, 2009

Save Marana Playroom for our Kids!


Last week I was notified that my 4 year old had made it into the Marana Parks & Rec. Preschool Program. When I asked if he would be automatically enrolled for the 2nd semester or Spring session, I was informed that the program is being cancelled and will be ending in December. I couldn't believe it! With parents lined up in the middle of the night, and lottery processes to get your child enrolled, it seems to me that the program is highly valued! Marana Parks & Recreation has stated some reasons that the program is being cancelled ( community needs & finances), and while they may be valid concerns, I don't beleive that they warrant doing away with the preschool program. There is a council meeting next week on the 9th, and it is the perfect opportunity to voice concerns. Please pass this email on to anyone who might be interested or affected by this decision. I am trying to gather a group together to work on a "respectful opposition" to Marana Parks & Rec's decision and to attend a council meeting together to share our concerns, and to make suggestions. I really feel that if we act quickly, we can turn this thing around! I apologize if I have already contacted you, I am just trying to get the word out as quickly as I can! Feel free to call me at 323-6312 or 878-6518, or email me back at Email is a great way for us to communicate and to reach as many people as we can!

Thank you!
Kelly Allen

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