Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halloween Costume Exchange

I was going through my Halloween costume bin and had an idea. Having to buy Halloween costumes every year can get super expensive and frustrating. We have built up a little collection since we have 6 kids and they never want to wear the same one again or wear the one their brother or sister wore the year before. I thought I would post some of the ones that any of you are welcome to borrow for your kids. If you have anything you too would like to share with others, you could post them here too. Wouldn't it be cool if we could all save a few dollars this year by recycling our old costumes? I know for us, buying costumes for a holiday that I don't even care for is NOT on my priority list!

So, here's what I have. Remember, these are USED and therefore are not in PERFECT condition. In fact, they probably all need to be washed and some ironed. If nobody is interested in any of these, I will not be offended:).

If you see something you would like to borrow, just leave a comment here so other people know what is taken, then send me an email to:


1. Bumblebee costume (0-3 mon.). 2. Witch costume (6-8). 3. Pumpkin costume (18 mon.-2T).

4. Cinderella costume which is a little haggared, but still usuable (size 7-10). 5. Cat costume (8, but fits more like a 4-7 year-old). 6. Bee jacket. You'll need black pants to go with it (3-4).

7. Indiana Jones costume (4-6). 8. Dorothy (Large-about 8-10) shoes are size 1.5. 9. Raggety Anne (3-4).


Alisa said...

I'd love to borrow the Indiana Jones costume for my son, Owen. Great idea!
Alisa Peterson

Joseph and Tiffany said...

Great idea! I wish I had several costumes stashed away to share with others. I do have a blue and green 2T dinosaur costume if anyone wants to borrow that.

christylee said...

Thanks Emily for the Dorothy and the cat costume. They are super cute! I have a lot of ballerina dress ups and hair pieces/wigs if anyone is interested.