Thursday, September 17, 2009

Parking Rule Update

I was talking to HOA this morning. I asked about the parking.

The Police are enforcing the Town of Marana Rules. Which means... you must park on the street, not on the sidewalk. Don't park in front of driveways, or mail boxes, or facing the wrong way. If you are parked wrong, it is a $85 ticket. They can enforce this at all hours. Make sure your car is completely on the road!!

The HOA is enforcing No Parking on the Street. Meaning you park in driveways. As a heads up, call and let them know if you are having people over, or going over to someones home. As far as dropping kids off or whatever, that should be obvious that it is temporary. But if your staying to visit, you're suppose to let them know so you don't get a letter and fine. They are enforcing this during Business Hours. They are monitoring a different neighborhood each day, so it will take a week to make it through each one.

Apparently they are getting lots of complaints about people parking in the street, so now they are having to be very forceful in enforcing the rules. Can't say that I like this, but, I guess I live with it. So, just in case anyone else wanted to know what I learned. ~Tracy


Lynette said...

So basically never park in Gladden Farms!!!! Thanks for the updated info.

Autumn said...

So ridiculous.

Richard said...

We need to get together and stop this. I was at the meeting last night, they are going to hire an outside company with money we don't have (the association) to patrol and cite residents for parking in the streets, 24-7. They said they are going to be "reasonalble" about it but if their contract depends on how many fines they can generate how "reasonable" do you think they'll be? I don't park in the street anyway but I might have a visitor occasionally. This committee is out of control. Let's stop this. By the way, the association management staff are in the budget for a 3% salary increase for 2011 and the projected budget will end up in the hole.