Thursday, October 22, 2009

Moral Dilemma

Safeway approached me via email indicating They have just lowered prices, are doing some marketing promotion giveaways yada yada... They said they would give me a $50 gift certificate and 3 giveaway gift certificates to readers if I blogged about my shopping experience, and basically -not officially- advertise for them. (on the Marana Mom's site) -My problem is with the advertising part...obviously not the free $.

My first instinct was to send them my mailing address with an excited YES I'll do it.

But wait.

What is the purpose of this blog?

Personally when I started this blog it was to help us moms, grandmothers, caretakers etc. get answers to questions, advice, share a great find or free deal, post good ideas, inform of upcoming events...etc.

I realize this give away benefits you and obviously me, but I personally don't want this blog updated with marketing --STUFF-- for lack of better words.

I feel like your time is OBVIOUSLY precious... and if you want ideas on couponing, store sales ETC... You would go to a site like Stephanie's -----> on side of blog.

I don't have time for FLUFF...and I am assuming neither do you.
I am not saying couponing is FLUFF, when I sit down to the computer and want to look at ad's, ad match options, and coupon applications, I want to go to ONE SITE and move on.

Same with Marana Mom's I want to go here for the purpose it was intended.

I should ask you, what do you think...?


Gates Family said...

I think that was a very well stated post. I agree with you. Thanks. :)

Cherise said...

I hope I was not offensive in any way. It was not at all intended that way. My thoughts and concerns are for what you (readers,contributers,anyone) uses this site for.

Emily said...

Cherise, I don't see an issue with posting an occasional ad or good deal. I think the whole point of this site is so we can all benefit and pass along useful information. If you happen to get a free gift card out of the deal, I believe all of us would be happy about that. If we choose not to read the post or take the time to act on it that doesn't mean it wasn't a positive thing. I say GO FOR IT. I know I'm just speaking for myself, but I don't see anything offensive in the slightest.

NewBini said...

I always believe in your "gut" feeling. When in doubt, do nothing.

jenichild said...

A lot of us do shop at Safeway and would love an honest opinion from a trusted source. So if they're going to pay you for it, all the better. As long as you're posting info that's relevant and helpful, than I'd say go for it. If they asked you to push certain things that you didn't believe were great deals, etc, then I wouldn't do it, but as long as they let you give your honest opinion, then I think it's great for everyone involved.