Monday, October 12, 2009

Nursing Cover Deal

Udder cover

If you're a nursing mom or you need a gift for a nursing mom, you should check out this deal! I know we have a lot of moms in Marana who might be able to use this deal!! Go to Udder Covers and you'll get a FREE nursing cover! Use promo code "onefree" and it brings the price from $32 to $0! Just pay shipping on it. There are 6 different ones you can choose from. This might go fast!


Cherise said...

awesome deal Steph! I just ordered one for a gift. Shipping was 8.95. I have made a couple of these myself and have purchased my fabric with 50%off coupons at joanne's. With the fabric, boning, and D-rings... it is around $12+ to make it. -HA! not to mention time cutting, sewing, ironing etc. -This really is a great deal. Order Fast!

Rylan and Jamie said...

Thanks for the tip...i ordered one this weekend! I have one...but can always use another!

Joseph and Tiffany said...

I just got mine in the mail! I wish I had had one with my other two. Thanks so much for letting us know!