Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Call To Action

I have been getting more and more disgusted by the advertising coming from Carls Jr. is urging moms all across the country to voice their disgust at the advertising being used.
(1) CKE Restaurants is a hamburger business catering to family yet they consistently have used s*x to try to sell their product.
(2) In 2003, Hardee's (Carl's Jr.) featured Hugh Hefner as a poster celebrity.
(3) Hardee's also used an er*tic ad featuring a mechanical bull and a scantily clad female.
(4) In 2005, Hardee's used a p*rnographic ad with Paris Hilton using sleazy movements to sell burgers.
(5) In 2009, Hardee's featured their new "Biscuit holes." In the ad, various customers individually name them using such verbiage as B holes, A holes, dingle balls, and biscatles (as in testicles).
(6) In 2009, Carl's Jr. has just launched its newest in a series of raunchy s*x-laden ads. You may have seen the new salad commercial with the scantly dressed lady eating salad in the bath tub.
The *s keep our site g-rated. :-)

What you can do? Their complaint line # is: 1-877-799-7827.

Please call and voice your disgust to Carl's Jr.

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