Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Do you have Favorite Deals or Finds -that you just LOVE??

Here are a few of mine:

Floor Sweeper/Dustbuster
I have the Orek version of this (which is now discontinued) but this is the next best thing out there. I even checked consumer reports and this rates very well. I have used this particular model at my mother-in-law's and love it.

In my opinion must haves are:
  • dustbuster (that is removeable)
  • cordless
  • lightweight (so my boys can do it)
  • has the option of doing a quick job on the carpets (not to replace a floor vac)

    I use this [AT LEAST] 3 x's a day.

Lip Gloss
This amazing lip gloss from victoria secret (thanks for the tip Nikki!)
It stays on forever and doesn't gum up and get gross (make sense??) -plus it is shimmery :)

(my favorite flavor/color: Strawberry fizz) $7 ea. or 2 for $12

Cloth Swim Diapers
You can purchase (during the summer) Cloth Swim Diapers.
I think they are around $10ish at Target. Huge $ saver and more comfortable.
-sorry no picture, couldn't find one... but you get the idea.

Yes. Don't be afraid. This stinky stuff is AMAZING.
-I use this for fabric softner(I swear it doesn't make your clothes smell)
-Carpet Rinse -to release and soap residue
-In my sink to get rid of nasty lingering smells
-In the wash to counter act urine smell from my little boy's accidents :)

Here are more amazing uses for Vinegar

Dry Cleaners
On Ina/Thornydale there is a Dry Cleaning place (name?). It's located on the North West Corner of Ina/Thornydale- Same Plaza as Big Lots/Radio Shack/McDonalds.
There prices are 1.75 per item or 2.50 for coats/jackets or specialty items. They do a sufficient job and it's cheap. Love it.
What are a few of your favorite finds?? Please post!


Lynette said...

what is the brand of vac you have posted here?

Cherise said...

here is the link for this vac:

I am not sure if this is an online only item or is sold instore. I know when my mother-in-law bought it, she bought it at Costco for just under $100. (a year ago) -again, she loves this one and I think it works as good as mine.
(you can google it and find it sold else where)
I checked Consumer Reports and it receives an 83 score out of 100 -which I guess is really good.

My only complaint is that I use it SOO much that I always have to remember to have it on the charger! (I would NOT recommend the corded ones!!)