Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bountiful Baskets

I have had questions regarding how much you receive from Bountiful Baskets. So here is a picture of the produce I picked up. Laura and I split an order, which came to be $8 per person, we split what you see here.
If you want to participate ask Cherise, Kati C. or me and we can give you the info.
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Gates Family said...

Thanks so much for posting pictures of this. My visiting teacher were telling me about picking up their fruits and veggies this weekend. I am so excited to get an idea of what I can get. Thanks!!! I'll be ordering next week. Thanks!!!

jamie.smith said...

How do they know that you picked up your order? How do you pick it up (i.e. check your name off a list, bring your own basket, use their basket, etc.)?

Green Family Blog said...

I noticed Tucson was ot on the site list this week and we are in group A-does this mean that contributions will open up next week since that is closer to the pick up date of the 20th?