Friday, February 19, 2010


It's Rodeo time and I know many of you have asked questions in the past and are asking me questions now. Every year I take my boys to the SLACK performances (Mon. Tues. and Wed. morning until they finish)

(Feb. 22,23, &24)

On Monday and Tuesday it's $5 for and adult and kids under 13 are FREE! (Parking Free too!) I always park on the East side of the stands... This is where the families usually sit. It is not crowded on this side -because the field trip kids sit on the west side.
(Wed. it's $10 for an adult -kids under 13 FREE)

We pack a lunch in the wagon and it works great.

So what is SLACK?  All rodeo participants must qualify in order to make it to the finals on Th F Sat Sun. -So basically it is the qualifying round. Every participant has to race in SLACK.

The difference between the Finals, and Slack is the Finals has less participants (the best) and so you see a large variety of events. Whereas on Monday and Tuesday you will see maybe half of those events. -Usually tie-down, and team roping.
(I am in no way an expert on this, but this is how I have understood it)

This year we are going on Tuesday and Wed.

COME ALONG! -All are invited. The more the better!

If you have more questions go to:

Or reply to the post, and I can try to answer them.

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Little Red said...

Yea, I love the rodeo! I think I'll join you on Wednesday, and possibly Tuesday too. Thanks for the head's up.