Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I've got weeds Galore!

Hello all to my Marana Friends! Miss all of you dearly!
I have been told that we have weeds galore in our front yard....and our backyard too, but I'm not worried about the back. I am just wondering if any of you know of someone who I could hire to get them out for me. Or maybe you guys know of signs that have been placed around the Gladden Farms area advertising to take out your weeds and wouldn't mind getting the number for me??
Any help would be so appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't NW doing a Gladden Farms service by spraying...it went through the HOA...

Stephanie said...

I think John Officer does weeds. His phone #s are: 682-2154 or on his cell phone 419-3201.