Monday, June 7, 2010

Wengert Car Accident and What you can do to help


A family close to the heart of many of the Marana Mom contributors was in a major car accident yesterday.  Grandma Wengert was driving the 4 youngest Wengert children to church.  She didn't see the stop sign and was hit going through the intersection.  Grandma and Tanner were air lifted to UMC.  She passed away later at the hospital.  Derek suffered a concussion and was released from the hospital last night. Jordan's elbow was messed up pretty bad and her face is cut and swollen.  She has been released from the hospital today.  Janae has fractured her pelvis. Tanner has a pneumothorax, a condition in which air or gas collects in the "pleural space" or "pleural cavity," which is the space between the lungs and the chest cavity. This can cause the lung to collapse.  Both are stable and will hopefully be released from the hospital soon.

4 p.m. update:   Tanner has been released from the hospital.  He wasn't well this morning, but miraculously he rapidly began to improve.  Sue Miller reports that he ate a hamburger and even smiled and laughed a little.  Janae is the only one remaining in the hospital.   She hurts too much to move.  They think she too will be able to come home soon.  Just continue to keep them in your prayers.

11 a.m. 6/08 update:  Derek is doing really well.  He has to be careful not to jerk his head over the next two weeks according to John Officer.  Tanner and Jordan are in good spirits at home recovering.  Janae is still at the hospital.  Sue reported that she is extremely stiff and sore but she's getting physical therapy to help her.  They are hoping that she might be able to come home later on today.

7:50 p.m 6/08 update:   TJ who is married into the Wengert family reports that Janae is now home!  We pray that she continues to heal quickly at home.  She will have to have follow up appointments and more health issues to over come but for now they're getting ready for Grandma Wengert's funeral.

So many people have been asking how they can help at this time. Ann Ferguson is setting up food for the family, and has been inundated with calls. So, they are being cared for in this area.

We've set up 4 other ways people can help:

1.   If you'd like to send get well or condolence cards, you can send them to:
The Wengerts
13800 N Luckett Rd
Marana, AZ 85653-9383

2.  A "We Love You" paper banner was hung along their fence at the above address for friends, family, neighbors and associates to sign at their leisure.  We'd love to fill the banner with Get Well Wishes! 

3.   We are also taking donations to make a gift basket(s) for the kids.  With the money donated, we will buy games, books, treats, and activities they can use at home while they are recovering. If you'd like to donate to this effort, you can click on the Donate button below to donate money.  We'll put the names of all those who donate on a get well card for the kids.  You can donate as little or as much as you want.

4.  If you'd like to help or your husbands would like to help, several people under the direction of John Officer are meeting at the Wengerts at 5 a.m. on Friday to remove tumbleweeds from around the Wengerts fence line.  Bring gloves and shovels. If you have any questions, you can call John Officer at 682-2154 or on his cell phone 419-3201.

Please keep Trishell Merayo (Clayton Wengert's sister) and her family in your prayers as well. Grandma was here to help Trishell as her family has had quite a roller-coaster ride the last week and a half (kids with surgeries and broken limbs).

Condolence Cards can be mailed to Trishell at the following address:

Trishell Merayo
16321 W Feral Rd
Marana, AZ 85653-8290


TJ Hendriksen said...

Thank you so much for all your help. Tara, Devin and I feel so bad that we are not there to help, but it is so nice to know that they are taken care of by so many people. Thank you again to all that are involved.

Cherise said...

We love your family... It's the least we can do!!

Mariah said...

I'd heard there was an accident with Mormons heading to church, but hadn't heard who the family was. I'm grateful this was posted and had ways to help out. We'll be keeping them in our prayers.

Joseph and Tiffany said...

Thanks for the info on ways we can help, Stephanie! TJ and Tara, you and your family are in our prayers!!!

Brian and Janette said...

Please don't forget to keep Trishell and her family in your prayers as well. Grandma was out here to help Trishell as her family has had quite a roller-coaster ride the last week and a half (kids with surgeries and broken limbs). Grandma has left quite an amazing posterity and we are blessed to know and love many of them!

TJ Hendriksen said...

Janea is on her way home with her parents!! I am not sure of all the details but the important thing is she is heading home.

Amy said...

I am glad to see this site. You are doing good. I have already told several people that I am available to help where ever needed.

I have coached the 3 younger kids in softball/baseball, plus Trishell's 2 oldest kids.

My prayers are with all of these wonderful people.


Amy said...
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Amy said...
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