Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1 Time out For Women ticket available!!!

(From: Jeri Larimore)

I have a ticket available for the Time Out for Women in Phoenix on October 15-16. I bought 4 tickets for myself and my daughters due to a scheduling conflict one of my girls cannot attend. Regularly the price is 65-68 dollars. I bought mine early for $47. It is a great opportunity to go and learn, listen to key speakers and music. This year Sheri Dew, Virginia Pearce and Brad Wilcox will be speaking!

***She will sell it for $40 if you reply here***

PS I (Cherise) am going with a group of girls... If you want to join in, and come with us you can!!

email me @: cherisegraham@gmail.com if interested -and I will work it out with Jeri.

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Debbie said...

Hi. Is the ticket still available? I emailed you as well. Thank you!