Thursday, October 28, 2010

looking to buy baby swing and bouncer

Does anyone have a baby-swing and/or bouncer in good condition that they would like to sell? I hate to buy new ones since this is probably our last child. Have been looking at Craigs list but hesitate to buy baby stuff from people I dont know. You can email me at . Thanks! Oh we are having a boy - so no girly stuff :)


Cherise said...

I have a swing you can borrow! It's a nice swing (in my opinion) It swings side to side and back and forth. let me know. I have a bouncer too if you want.

Nicole said...

Thanks Cherise- I hesitate to borrow them because I cant guarantee what kind of shape it will be in when I give it back :) Thanks for the offer though! If you decide to sell them let me know :)