Tuesday, April 8, 2008


When I read the last blog it reminded me about the HotSlings contraption that I used to use for Turner all the time. I even used it when Turner was 11 months old to carry him on my hip when we had tons of running around to do (it goes up to 30lbs). I fully intend to use it when I have another child so that I can keep my sanity around the house. (Especially if you have a baby that just will not let you set them down!) I have seen other carriers, but this one was SO easy to put on and so portable-just fold up and carry around in the diaper bag. I had to go way on the East side but now Target sells them is cool colors. Make sure that you check out their measurement chart and several ways to "sling" you baby on their website.


Cherise said...

good idea, I was wondering how I would add a third to my grocery shopping routine!

Emily said...

I've seen these, but never heard first hand from someone who had and used one. Thanks for the tip!

Joseph and Tiffany said...

I actually got one as a baby gift from my sister. I tried it out with Hailey, and I liked your tip about using it at the grocery store.