Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yogurt Recipe

I should have just posted this before. Sorry!
Let me know if this is unclear or you need one of us to explain.

(Recipe courtesy of Renee :))


2 quarts milk
3 T fresh plain yogurt must contain active cultures -not gelatin (use Mt. High original/plain yogurt, can be purchased at Fry’s) -call me if you want some, I have a large container!
2 C instant milk
¼ C sugar

*make sure utensils and jars are sterilized

heat 1 qt milk to warm, 110 degrees
whisk in yogurt, powdered milk, and sugar
scald 2nd quart of milk, heat until small bubbles form in pan
add (hot) 2nd qt of milk to yogurt mixture and stir together
yields 2 qts and 1 pint jar

Wrap in blanket folding in fourths roll jars in it and place in cooler
Maintaining a temperature between 106 and 120 degrees and let sit in cooler for 6-8 hours

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