Monday, November 10, 2008

Cards Idea Box Set

This morning on the news in Utah, ABC 4 was doing a segment about Holiday Card Ideas. Northridge Media has a Card Magazine with tons of ideas. They have put together the "best" in a collection, there are suppose to be 2400 ideas in the twelve books. It is $19.95 for each magazine, which would be about $240 for the year. They have a special through the end of November that instead of the current promotion price of $99.95, you can put in the coupon code GTU and get a $60 discount.

If you want to read the segment go to ABC4, to order the cards click here. Fill out your billing information, when it is time to put in your credit card info, use GTU as your coupon code, apply, and it will be applied to your order.

I have subscribed to their magazines and really liked them. I quit this last year because they raised their prices. :( But this is a great deal.

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