Sunday, November 16, 2008

Potty trainning woes

I have a question for moms who've been through the potty training tough stuff. We started potty training Miles about 6 weeks ago. He was excited and eager to try. He was actually getting to the point where he was going the whole day without accidents! I started thinking the hard part was behind us.

Things are not going smoothly now. Miles has reverted back to several accidents a day and no interest in the potty. I'm trying to decide if this is just a normal part of the process that little kids go through or if his continual accidents are a signal to put a stop to potty training and go back to diapers until his older.

I'm afraid if I keep potty training up and he goes on having lots of accidents every day that this will be a huge a source of stress and tension for both of us and I want to keep this as positive as possible. But, at the same time, I'm afraid if I put him back in diapers it might be even harder to try again later.

So what I'm wondering a revert back to lots of accidents normal and should I stick it through for a while? Or if you had a child you decided to put back in diapers for a while, how did it go and how was potty training the "second" time around with that child? I know every kid is different but I wanted to get some ideas.

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Cherise said...

Relapses (as I call them) I believe are completely normal. Kayden had them a few times. I had to figure out an incentive for him to stay motivated. At one point I wrapped 10-15 goodwill items in wrapping paper and let him open one if he went #2...(because this was his struggle) It cured the problem and then I streched it out to... If you don't have an accident all day you get to open a present. Worked like a charm. You have to figure out something that he LOVES and would do anything for. For Kayden it was opening a present. Good luck, Don't give up! You can do it! I think sometimes mom's need as much encouragement as they do!