Sunday, November 30, 2008

Secret Families

We are getting together a LARGE group of families in the ward/area to do what is called "Secret Family" This is a fun family activity and opportunity to teach your children that it REALLY IS so much more fun to give than to receive. Here's the Details:

You are assigned 1 family
You will drop something (cookies, small gift, whatever you choose)3 timesby January 1st.
Price limit is no more than $20 TOTAL
Simply drop the gift or item on the doorstep, ring the bell and run. -DONT get Caught!:) Be sure to leave a card or indication that it is from "your secret family" (Don't forget to bring the kids along for the fun!!)
Families will be randomly assigned from those that sign up. Size of family and location may vary...(All will be in The Marana/Red Rock area)

Are you up for it??? Can your family do it and not get caught? :)

Email me or reply as soon as possible. I will be assigning the families by this next coming Sunday. -Pass the word along, any who are interested may join in. I can't possibly contact everyone.


Amber said...

I wanted to do 12 Days of Christmas with Jackson, but we're leaving town on the 20th so it doesn't work out. This, however, I can do! Sign us up.

Stephanie said...

We want to do it too!