Sunday, November 23, 2008

Food Stoarge and Emergency Preparation Blog

I saw this site on Ben's cousin blog and I really like it. It is called Safely Gathered In (click on the link) and it is a food storage and emergency preparation blog. It helps you gather and organize 72 hour kits, 3 months food storage, and one year supply of food storage. It also give weekly recipes on how to make things from your food storage and all that good stuff. It has lots of things on it, like how to rotate your food storage and even car kits. I just thought that I would share it.


Carbonneau said...

Thanks for sharing Katie! I an use all the tips out there!

Nicole said...

Thanks Katie!

Rebecca said...

Thanks! I found your blog by looking for food storage related items. Another great site is They sell a fantastic line of food storage. Also, if you use the code save15 you can save 15% off at checkout!