Sunday, May 30, 2010

BBQ Grills

I am shopping around for a nice/reliable BBQ grill so I can cut down on some unnecessary heat in the house. 
My question is... 

What do you like about your grill? 

Do you have a preference in brand?


-I don't think all of the extras will be necessary for us, but I want something that will last, and something we will love using. 

Thanks for your help!!!


Mariah said...

I don't even know what brand we have, but the side burner is a must have. We've had to cook dinner on it more than once when monsoon storms knocked out electricity....or the house is so hot I can't stand the thought of turning on the stove (no AC only a swamp cooler). My kids are lucky I ever feed them in the summer. We also bought a bbq lamp/light thingy that has come in really handy too. Sorry, I'm not much help on good brands though.

Cherise said...

That is great to know. I checked consumer reports and found a highly rated grill (with a side burner) -for $450... I can't decide if I want to budget that much! hmmm. decisions. Thanks for your input.