Monday, May 3, 2010


I have way too many seedlings sprouted in our little backyard garden and as the plants get bigger there just won't be room for all of them. So I need to thin things out a bit---but I don't like to kill perfectly good plants...

If anybody is interested I have some watermelon seedlings, a zucchini plant (started from a seed) with baby zucchinis already on it, and some Roma Tomato seedlings (still very small but I bet if you give them excellent soil and plenty of water they will do great).

Please let me know if you're interested!


Carbonneau said...

hey Tiffany! We would love to save the little plants! Call me and maybe we can come by one day and transplant them. Let me know if you still have them. thanks! Kati

TD said...

Hi There!! If you happen to plant a fall garden and have too many plants again.... I'd love to take them off your hands hehe. Any ideas of what to plant for fall here in Marana? I'd love to start a garden but not to sure of what will grow well. Thanks so much,

TD (Red Rock Ward)